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As a leading Learning and Development consultancy, Trainers without Borders recognises that how you deliver your training can be as important as the training itself. Creating a training environment and materials that are sympathetically tailored to the aims, preferences and constraints of the delegates can have an extremely positive impact on learning and retention. Where you have a number of people that require training or specific business/organisational issues that need to be addressed, Trainers without Borders can develop a training programme for use in-house.



 Generate stunning dashboards and reports that will turn heads in your organisation. Learn how to aggregate and transform large volumes of data into succinct visual content. Leverage Excel functionality to build sophisticated, interactive tables and charts to improve the quality of your reporting. Learn the theory behind dashboard design so you can produce the same high quality output time after time.

This Dashboard Course will teach you everything from the design of your calculations to the layout of an effective Dashboard report. Follow these simple rules every time and your spreadsheets will have structure and the production of easy to update Excel dashboards will be knowledge you possess.

Creating an Excel Dashboard is mostly about structure. The report has to be laid in just the right way to be able to generate the look and feel you require. The course will cover these elements.

The final report should be simple and the information should simply fall into the dashboard in a very easy to follow way. Creating highly flexible calculations is the key.

On completion of this course, you will be able to create your own Excel dashboards which have a stunning look and feel and are the talk of your office. Invest in yourself and your skill-set will flourish along with your ability to generate stunning Excel dashboard reports.

This is a self-paced dashboard course where you will build a number of excel dashboards form the calculations to the charts to the layout. The more you practice my technique the more adept you will become at creating dashboards that have an exceptional look and feel. The course contains self-paced video content where you get access to all the lessons and download files upon registration. The lessons are packed with all I have learned about the structure and layout of a spreadsheet to create highly interactive beautiful dashboards. 

Exploring Excel Dashboard Best Practices

  • Analysing ideas on sourcing the relevant financial and non-financial information
  • Understanding your key KPI’s and how you can assess whether you are meeting your targets
  • Assessing excel tools and functions that are vital for dashboards (create templates using the examples)
  • Using Pivot Tables as the dashboard
  • Using Pivot Tables to re work data to be used in a dashboard
  • Analysing IT Sparklines
  • Explaining Charting and Graphing
  • Assessing Forms and controls (for drop down lists to choose what you are comparing)
  • Analysing Conditional
  • Formatting
  • Creating dashboard heat maps
  • Highlight top and bottom products/people etc.
  • Highlight missed budgets and forecasts
  • Key functions for Dashboards including


Discussing Data Analysis

  • Data analysis theory and data relationships
  • Data analysis tools
  • Using excel as a data analysis tool
  • Chart and table design

Assessing Dashboard Reporting

  • Common mistakes in dashboard design
  • Charting review
  • Adding icons and images to dashboards
  • Effective use of colour and logos
  • Making dashboards dynamic
  • Must know tools and techniques
  • Formulas you simply can’t live without
  • Charting for dashboards
  • Bullet-proofing your dashboard
  • Essential advanced tools


Excel Dashboard Tips and Tricks

  • Linking cells to a text box
  • Linking cells to chart labels

Excel Dashboard Challenges and Solutions

  • Comparing time series
  • Assessing seasonality in a business
  • Mixed metrics and KPI’s (e.g. comparing financial information with production


  • Comparing year on year results
  • Showing actuals versus budgets versus forecasts
  • Predicting where you are going to end up at year end

Knowledge Required for Excel Dashboard


 Basic Excel Skills

  • Opening and closing files
  • Moving around the spreadsheet
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Inserting text and formulas
  • Deleting cells
  • Copying formulas
  • Printing

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