POPI Act Implementation and Support


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What is this course About?

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act, signed into law in 2013, aims to protect personal information, falling into the broader Constitutional right to privacy. It enables businesses to regulate how information is organised, stored, secured and discarded. As a crucial component of businesses, the PoPI Act should be implemented to keep information safe

In many organisations, POPI Act implementation and support skills and knowledge for carrying out these initiatives have not been developed yet as the subject of privacy and data protection (protection of personal information) is a relatively new area.  In order to help organisations with their POPI Act implementation and support activities, Trainers without Borders have developed this training intervention to assist organisations implement this act.


The impact of the protection of information Act on your organisation

  • How will POPI affect organisations? What is going to have the biggest impact?
  • The overall impact of the Act on your business
  • The role of the Information Regulator
  • Challenges faced by organisations and how they can overcome these

The appropriate measures & requirements to complete compliance to the Act

  • Understanding the practicalities of a privacy implementation;
  • Knowing where and when to start;
  • Understanding how to go about planning for a privacy implementation programme
  • Understanding what measures to put in place in order to track the success of your privacy implementation
  • Getting authorisation from the Information Regulator
  • Tips on how to comply with the POPI Act

Examining the regulations of protection of information Act in the retention of records

  • What is a record retention according to the Act
  • Benefits of personal Information Protection Act on records keeping
  • Explore the impact of the Act on the retention of records
  • Challenges and solutions to the Protection of Personal Information Act on records retention
  • Basic techniques to follow when faced with compliance issues when it comes to the Information Act
  • Protection of Personal nformation Act & privacy concerns

 Protection of Personal Information Act – The collection of personal information

  • A practical all encompassing approach to implement the POPI requirements
  • Foster an information protection culture to direct employee behaviour
  • POPI’s current status? What is the timeline?
  • Make your POPI project a success.
  • The governance around POPI, including your POPI team and the Information Officer

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • POPI in the context of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC)
  • What are you required to comply with? What must you consider? A matrix of the ICT laws that apply to different issues.
  • Who is responsible?
  • The overlap between the POPI Act and other laws and codes (like the NCA and the CPA)
  • Protection of organizational records Compliance with organizational security policies and technical standards
  • Information security Safeguard is required by law
  • Prevention of misuse of information and information processing facilities
  • Compliance with organizational security policies and technical standards
  • Periodic review of security processes  Data, data system and data facility controllers

Why privacy matters – the top risks

  • The top privacy risks for organisations and individuals
  • Some examples of the consequences of failing to protect personal information
  • What are the fines and when could you go to jail?

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Upcoming Course Date:
Venue: On-line Course