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As a leading Learning and Development consultancy, Trainers without Borders recognises that how you deliver your training can be as important as the training itself. Creating a training environment and materials that are sympathetically tailored to the aims, preferences and constraints of the delegates can have an extremely positive impact on learning and retention. Where you have a number of people that require training or specific business/organisational issues that need to be addressed, Trainers without Borders can develop a training programme for use in-house.



In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, nothing stands still for long. For leaders, the challenge is to understand how to navigate the latest developments and lead strategic change in response. But the processes which lead to effective transformation are often still ill-understood, and more than 70% of planned organisational change fails. 

When should organisations embrace and pursue change? How much change should be introduced? What parts of a system should be maintained? When change is handled badly, many problems can arise. When it is done well, change can open up many opportunities previously unrealized. Politicians, advisors, policy analysts, and public sector managers increasingly need to be effective change managers.

This course draws on state-of-the-art theory and practice of change management to produce insights for achieving successful change. Participants will gain the knowledge and tools needed to effectively plan and implement change efforts across a wide range of organisational settings, with a special focus on the public sector.

This three-day programme will equip leaders with the skills required to understand why change is needed and how to deliver it, effectively and sustainable.

Training Objectives

  • Explain why change management is an important process for organisations to achieve sustainable trading results
  • Identify examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation
  • a model for effective change management and its management
  • Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them
  • Identify the risks inherent in any change management programme and indicate ways to manage them
  • Identify and apply the competencies of an effective change agent
  • Interpret current programs and structures and effectively assess the need for change
  • Use evidence to build the case for change
  • Examine models for leading change
  • Create a change agenda
  • Strategies for change leadership – building and communicating the case for change
  • Process steps needed to make change happen
  • Effective approaches to monitoring and controlling change
  • Manage conflicts arising from change
  • The common threads that link change management and crisis management

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