Trauma Intervention And Crises Management


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What is this course About?

This course concentrates on the courses of Trauma, Symptoms and treatment of traumatic symptomatology. Learners explore conditions that contribute to the development of acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative disorders, and other disorders of extreme stress and crises management. Co-morbid conditions, including substance abuse and self-harming behaviors, are considered.

Course Outcomes

  • Learners demonstrates an understanding of the factors that contribute to the development of traumatic symptomatology and stress disorders.
  • Learners Identify the major symptoms of acute and chronic post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Learners demonstrates integration of the knowledge needed to assess traumatic
  • Learners demonstrates an understanding of the impact of trauma.
  • Learners demonstrates a general understanding of a variety of treatment approaches, including the ability to incorporate unique client strengths and resources into chosen treatment approaches.
  • Learners demonstrates an understanding of personal strategies for minimizing the risks of vicarious traumatization.
  • Learners demonstrates an understanding of the intergenerational, cultural, and societal impact of trauma.
  • Learners discuss how the therapist may effectively employ the “self” as a tool for healing

Course Content

  •  Definitions of key constructs: trauma, Crisis
  • Learn to respond immediately to the emotional component of natural or human-caused disaster
  • Lessen the negative impact resulting from the stress/trauma caused by crisis
  • Differentiate between stress and trauma
  • Define grief stages and bereavement
  • Conduct an initial trauma assessment

Survey group, individual, debriefing and Defusing Models

  • Learn how to apply the new Educate, Assess and Refer (EAR) Field Trauma Model
  • Discuss responder resiliency, prevention and self-care strategies
  • Theories associated with conceptualizing trauma and crisis
  • Nature and types of trauma/crisis – A review of typologies
  • Survey of intervention models
  • Critical theoretical perspectives on bereavement, trauma and crisis
  • Contexts of trauma and crises
  • Understanding responses to trauma and Crises
  • Cultural issues in crisis Management
  • Models of crisis and trauma counselling
  • Psychosocial factors associated with trauma response (e.g., age, ability, gender, cultural and racial identities, class, and spirituality/religious faith)


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Upcoming Course Date:
Venue: On-line Course